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Title: Cletrac--The War Years
Post by: Howard in Idaho on March 15, 2006, 09:32:13 PM
I'm going to come at this from a slightly different angle, but I'm a Military Vehicle collector and restorer.  My White Scout Car and Halftrack material indicates that Cletrac was a White subsidiary and the rear tracked drives and tracks  for the halftracks were developed and supplied by Cletrac. To keep up with production Diamond T and Auto Car also built halftracks and used Cletrac drives.   International Harvestor also built halftracks, but I do not know if they made their own drives or not.   i guess in 1944 Cletrac went to Oliver.  Oliver later acquirred Minnepolis Moline and then White ended up with everything.  I'm a little fuzzy on the dates, but My uncle was a longtime Moline employee and when they merged with White he lost all his pension and retirement benefits.,  It looks like Cletrac has been involved in a full circle of changes and with White on a couple of occasions.  The M2 military cletrac used a rubber track similar to the halftrack, but the halftrack pads were not replaceable.   I've learned a lot in the forum that I joined as I ended up with an M2 Cletrac in a deal for some Scout Car Parts.  Thanks Howard in ID

Title: Re: Cletrac--The War Years
Post by: cletractracks on September 06, 2010, 08:00:27 PM
I owned a white halftrack as well and it was my understanding that b.f. goodrich developed and manufactured the endless rubber track. i had an n.o.s. spare track that was clearly marked as such and the tracks that were on the vehicle were marked that way as well. i can't say who developed the boggie system on the suspension but i thought the engineers at white truck  did.