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: Good source for 50w non detergent oil
: Eric Carlson November 04, 2007, 06:46:23 PM
If anybody is looking for 50w non detergent for their transmission or rollers, Shell sells what they call "Aero 100". It's used in piston engine airplanes. I found it in town here and we have just a little airport. I got the oil at a lube distributor here for about $3.00 a quart. Shell makes two types of 50w, the Aero 100 and the Aero 100w. The Aero 100w is the detergent oil so make sure ther is no "W" after the 100 on the box.

Also, I spoke with an engineer at Halron (the lube distributor) and he told me that 90w gear oil is the same viscosity as 50w engine oil. It's something to think about considering 90w GL1 is what some of the old Ford tractors used. It's got no EP additives just mineral oil, and it's available at Tractor Supply Co.

Something to think about,

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