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: dragging snow with HG... AUX tranny installed!
: da-choppa February 04, 2011, 06:21:16 PM
well, here it is.. proof of the pudding as they say, that it runs indeed.

After my AUX install, I got around to rigging up a simple rear drag blade, operated with a manual master control lever off of a Farmall cub.

Works OK, I guess, but the angle of the operator to lever positioning is awkward.

Looks like a true, hydrylically operated front push blade is in order for the future!

Chris in NY? Still got one for me bud?

BTW... these videos were taken today, Friday, Feb 04, 2011, in my driveway, in Frisco, TX
Yes.. We here in Texas got a lot of ice and snow over the last week... Been crippled for travel here. Today, woke up to yet anotehr 6 inches of fresh white stuff.

Here are my video's playing with the HG.
this thing is a lot of fun.. slow, yes, but fun..

: Re: dragging snow with HG... AUX tranny installed!
: hotratz February 05, 2011, 10:46:22 AM
That thing has the most unusual grill I've seen. The tractor looks very nice. Did you do the restoration? Have you posted the history of ownership about this crawler here somewhere or did I miss it?

: Re: dragging snow with HG... AUX tranny installed!
: da-choppa February 05, 2011, 11:50:53 AM
I bought this crawler from a freind who owned it for the last 6-7 years. He lives in FT. Worth, TX

He bought it from a older gentleman in Loiusiana then. This guy apparently bought it from auction, many years earlier, from the forestry service, appaerntly seeing service dragging cypres outta the swamps.

(incidently.. my buddy who sold me this crawler has a back issue of some tractor magazine that has a 1951 dated photo of ALL the crawlers that the forestry service bought from Oliver, 12-14 in total, in a line up taken in the LA area when in service.

He firmly beleives that one of them tractors in that photo is this one. Neat... But I dont care either way.

anyway, this prior owner in LA had the engine rebuilt sometime in 84. Had a rebuild tag on the engine block stating so.. must have seen very little use after that, as the engine is in really great powerful shape, and when I tore down the clutch for the AUX install, the clutch looks brand news

: Re: dragging snow with HG... AUX tranny installed!
: da-choppa February 05, 2011, 12:01:31 PM
further info.. yes I restored it mechanically and shot it with a thin coat of yellow. I tore town both tracks and replaced seals, adjusted bearings, replaced all rollers with rebuilt, re-lined gas tank, added one wire alternator, rewired, etc.

still needs a much better set of tracks. these are at their end of life use, I think.

The grill is SUPPOSED to be off of a 30's Avery tractor. So my buddy told me. I have an original hood, grill and side "armor" for this. I just left what was on it for now. I too like the looks of it and it being a little "different"

As a military vehicle freak, this just cannot stay yellow! I want it O.D. green to match my military trucks! add a few invasion stars, hood registration number, a rear mounted pintle hook and eye bolts, head lights with brush gaurds, etc!!!!

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