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Title: Man in Western Canada looking for MG-1 parts
Post by: Blake Malkamaki on August 27, 2003, 01:17:00 AM
Here's another letter I received awhile back. Keep in mind the gentleman is not currently on the forum, so respond to him via email.

"Dear Blake:

Im online not quite a week now and am having no end of fun looking up
fellows like you who enjoy the good old stuff! And what a treasure Gramps
must have been. I like your choice of music!

I found you cause my brotherinlaw who is an enormous packrat, picked up a
Cletrac Military tracked vehicle as described above (light, not at all like
a tank) To me its in terrible condition but I guess it is fixable. The most
critical missing part is one rubber padded track (right side) With your
obvious family connection to Oliver Cletrac, are you familiar with this
Vehicle? And is there a possibility a track could be procured somewhere
through some military salvage????  I tried some sites with no luck, then I
found you.  Be glad to hear from you at your convenience.

Im 67, retired 2 years and am enjoying my shop, building and restoring
and the net now gives me an insite into what guys like you are doing.

Western Canada is sparsley populated an we dont  or never had the enthusiasm
for antique machinery and shows like you fellows have down there. But there
are a few of us. A lot of the good stuff has been shipped to collector down

In Saskatoon we have The Western Developement Museum which has a large
collection of Steam engines, gas tractors and small engines. We used to
beginning in 1955 have a weeklong Pionera show annually but by the early
eighties, attendance began to wain, from twenty operating steamers we are
down to three (condemned boilers) so the annual show now is a long weekend
much reduced. A volunteer group (me included)provided restoration and
maintenance and operated the equipment during show time.Hardly any owner
operated equipment.  I built and oddball riding tractor (The Volatile) 3 HP
Fairbanks Z '54 ford front axle Model A Tranny, articulated steering, 15"
dodge dual wheels on four corners. A Lot of fun at the show and a few others
around the country. I am about finished with a 1/2 sized John Deere D from a
plan from a buddy in St Edward Nebraska using an LUC engine operating
horizontally. A great project.

My wife and I have trailer'd and camped down to Midwest Old Threshers in Mt
Pleasant Iowa in '83  '91 and last summer we took five weeks to do the trip
again and from there we went on to Columbus Ohio (Westerville) to visit out
grandaughter and her family.  So we know how you guys like to show your
stuff at those great gatherings. The pic of your gramps on his Cletrac with
campers in the background, suggests he enjoyed showing his Cletrac at
gatherings of old stuff.

It was nice making your acquaintance. If you can steer us to a source of a
track for brotherinlaws Cletrac, it will be appreciated   Thanks

Vic Pankoski"