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Title: Cletrac BDH militery connection
Post by: cletracboy on November 29, 2004, 02:32:02 PM
I've been stripping paint on my BDH and have found that under the orange wich I know was applied fairly late in its life there's yellow, then Kahki green. This looks like a militery colour to me. So I wonderd wether my tractor is ex militery.  It's from the second world war and it has an angle blade and cable control unit, but it has an English distributers plate.  As the Green appears to be the firts colour it was painted I have three theorys. A: It is ex US Army and was used here during the war, and was then sold off after the war perhaps being sold on by Blaw Knox ( the distributer) and painted yellow as its a pretty standard colour for construction kit. B: It was brought by an English construction contractor from BlawKnox in green to avoid becoming an obvious target for the Crout's. C: it was brought by the british army, although I would have thought they would buy direct.  Can anyone help or share there thoughts. Sam