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1  Cletrac Tractor Discussion / All Models Except HG, OC-3, OC-4 & General / Re: Back track sprockets on: June 11, 2019, 04:30:27 PM
Thanks for all your help.
I arc welded with special rods, kept cool and preened and it seems to have worked.
2  Cletrac Tractor Discussion / All Models Except HG, OC-3, OC-4 & General / AD Restoration issues on: June 11, 2019, 04:27:36 PM
This machine has not been run for 30 years before this year...
Gear change is very stiff. Have taken the top off the gearbox and CRC'd (WD40) the fork and rods and emery papered where I could get to. Checked oil. very clean anyway and added some more SAE40 to front compartment. Still very stiff. Do you think it will come right with use?
Also clutch has a 2-3 second delay but better at an idle. Have filled cap on right hand side with grease. This too still no better with a bit of running.
Any tips without splitting it?
Cheers Roy Johnson
3  Cletrac Tractor Discussion / All Models Except HG, OC-3, OC-4 & General / Re: Back track sprockets on: February 03, 2019, 07:56:07 PM
Thanks Robert, I did the angle grinder test and the sparks were like fireworks suggesting the sprocket was cast iron.
I can see that someone previously has welded these spokes - confusing?
Thanks for the rod info.
4  Welcome & Rules - Please read before posting / New members introduce yourselves here / Introduction on: February 03, 2019, 03:53:26 AM
I live in Otorohanga, NewZealand. And am a member of the Otorohanga Vintage Machinery Club. This year I purchased two ADH’s , one is an Oliver and one is a Cletrac but both look the same. These were not going and had been parked up for 10 and 30 years respectively. They were shed stored. Had originally been used for discing steep hill country. Track gear is pretty flogged out but should be okay for occasional outings.
The Oliver needed a new water pump, I made fuel filters for them. Have renewed the seat pan. The Cletrac needed a solenoid, battery cables but more importantly had a seized injector pump. Fortunately there was one in the spare parts that came with them and once that was changed and timed it is now going too.
They are both on utube - my channel is Roy J Otewa,
5  Cletrac Tractor Discussion / All Models Except HG, OC-3, OC-4 & General / Back track sprockets on: February 01, 2019, 02:01:34 AM
Has anyone had experience in welding the cracked spokes of the drive sprocket. My Cletrac ADH has cracks in two spokes. Cold cast iron weld in situ? Or will it have to come off?
Stories of success welcome.
Cheers Roy Johnson
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