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Author Topic: Can one remove FRAME in this manner?  (Read 1976 times)
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« on: August 19, 2011, 08:23:27 AM »


I am wondering about something. I got this dilema.

Have a rolling chassis HG (1945 dated) that has a fantastic frame... The HG I have running (1951) has a frame that was sort of "mucked up" around the rear mounting.

First thought was to just pull the great condition motor from my runner and drop into the 1945 dated rolling chassis.

BUT.. I have already spent lots of mulla on the 1951 with all new rollers, seals, bearings, main springs, etc. its just that the frame , well, isn't perfect like the rest of it is now!

So I got to thinking of pulling the engine on the runner and taking out the frame.. Then replacing the most excellent frame from the rolling chassis into my 1951, then dropping the motor in.

Now. the question.

Is it possible to unbolt the frame, leaving the track assemblies and rear transaxle in place (Blocking as needed of course)

It looks possible.. Looks to me that one would unbolt both sides at the track frame guide supports, from the frame rails, leaving the tie bar in place, keeping both track assembies where they are.

then unbolt the transaxle/transmission from the rear of the frame (blocked so it dont rotate or fall)

Does this sound reasonable? Just wondering about this.

ALSO... would a 1945 dated frame bolt the same to the rear as a 1951 frame?  In other words, are there any differences in the rear mounting to transaxle.

(Forgive my questions. your probably wondering why I just dont go look for myself!  the reason is that the runner is now about 160 miles away at the cabin... the rolling frame isnt actually in my possession to view. I bought this roller for the most excellent tracks.. Its on its way soon.)
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« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2011, 06:58:12 PM »

Reckon this IS possible even if rear of frame is stronger OC3 style that some later HGs had. But you'll have to change drawbar supports too, as HG and later HG differ. One other slight difference to the frame itself is at the bell housing area where width of frame is very slightly different. I'd have to check to remember which one is wider by 1/8th inch: HG or OC3.

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