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OC3 Purchased from Landis Zimmerman in November of 2005. Had her sent up to NH to help in the sugar orchard on the farm.

She spent 60 hours in the shop, grinding and painting, decals and so-forth. She runs like a top. On another note, we just found an HG42 Serial #59GA150, been stashed in a culvert pipe for 35 years. We got her running, replaced the gaskets and fluids, clutch and pressure plate froze up, we got her moving. I'll send pictures when she's done. I'd like to join cletrac, how do I do so?

Michael A. Bean, CE
Salmon Brook Farm, Sanbornton,

February 20, 2006...

Blake, Here she is....Serial #59GA150, HG42. We found her stored in a culvert at a local farm for 35 years. Pressure plate froze up, motor wouldn't run, no oil in rear-end, no tin work, etc. To say the least, she was in pretty rough shape. Thanks to Landis she looks like she does. Those people just have everything when it comes to parts. Note: I don't spend a lot of time on painting the tracks, as we use these machines on the farm for sapping and logging. She runs like a top! Ain't she cute!

Olie From The North

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