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Aerial View of Plant

Cletrac A pulling grader

General pulling disc plow

Cletrac E powering pump

Cletrac BG cross section

Oliver OC-18

OC-18s in Guatemala

HG assembly line

Cletrac AD discing

BD Irrigation pump

Drawing Room

Dynomometer room

E drilling grain

E pulling manure speader

Experimental Department

Unidentified group ???

General binding wheat

General discing a vinyard

Cletrac E plowing

OC-18 pushing dirt

HG with rubber tracks

HG with rubber tracks

OC-3 hard at work

HG loading dump truck

OC-6 at Cleveland plant

OC-6 at Cleveland plant

OC-6 at Cleveland plant

Cletrac/Oliver Employees Reunion 1988: Blake Malkamaki in the forground with Chief Engineer John Tomko to his right. Can you identify anyone else?

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