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I love your site! It's given me so much information/inspiration over the past few years and I'd be proud to have my "collection" included in your photo section.

The "before" & "after" pics are of my HG68. It needed: a sprocket. pins & bushings, new frame, new track support tubes, engine rebuild & steering bands (among others). I was happy how it turned out!

"Minime" is my OC-3 42-IND with loader. It is the greatest thing to have around, I hate to lay it up for restoration but I will eventually.

The "latest" is a pile of scrap which includes an Anderson dozer. I'm going to attempt to build 2 from 1, but I've never seen so much abuse to machinery! It's going to be a challenge!

Thanks again,
Doug Gallup
372 Larry Hill Road
Schoharie, NY 12157

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HG68 before

HG68 after

OC-3 42-IND

Doug's latest

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