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Hello. My name is Brian Hunt from Angelica NY. I've been doing some searching, trying to find any info on my grand father's (his name is Curt Robbins) Cletrac crawler. I tried looking for numbers on it to get a better idea of what exactly it is, and I found where it said the model - W, and I'm not sure about the serial # - 12513. It has the "sticks" for steering, not the "steering wheel".

If you could give me any info. about this crawler, or tell me where I could find out for myself, I , and my grand father , would greatly appreciate it. If it would help to have more info off of it, please tell me where to look, and I will check and let you know what I have found.

Thank-you for your time. I look forward to getting a reply back from you.

Brian Hunt

After looking at it briefly, along with the info. I told you earlier about it, I had noticed a 6010-D (on the left side of the engine if you were sitting on the crawler), also I think it had 205-2 on the rear-end section. And I'm pretty sure that it has a leaf spring that goes across the front-end.

I hope this helps until I can get a better look at it, and get that pic. sent out to you.

I'm very excited to find out more, not only for myself, but for my grandfather as well.

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