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Hi Blake

Excellant website for the Cletrac lover. I have attached several photo's of various MG-1's that I have come across whilst trying to locate parts for these rare vehicles. I have a John Deere built Cletrac serial 1DA206 it comes with genuine combat history, the only problem is I do not know which 8th Army Air Force base in East Anglia that it came from as it was bought from a sale post war. I am very interested in the 8th AAF in England during WWII and live only a short drive from eight heavy bomber bases where these Cletracs earned their keep. My vehicle is actually kept on the former base of the 493rd bomb group at Debach in Suffolk. Probably the only MG-1 still kept on a WWII base, unless any one knows otherwise. A group of us collect vehicles and restore them along with various airfield buildings including the control tower. Check out our website

Anyway back to the photos (Click on picture for larger view.)

My Cletrac having stripped all major items, still awaiting removal of the tracks and engine before blasting the frame.

Controls showing the stencils still visible after 60 years

My Cletrac on arrival at the airfield

My Cletrac as found on a farm having sat for 40years

A Cletrac that Eric had for sale in Norway, now being used as a spares machine in Belgium

A restored MG-1 in England owner unknown

Scanned image of the ops manual

Scanned image of the ops manual

A wartime colour photo of a Cletrac in it's working enviroment

Imperial War Museum Duxford, this one moves under it's own power sometimes

As above

One on ebay a year or so ago

As above

Hope these are of use


Paul Marriott, Suffolk England

P.S keep up the good work

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