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I have been working diligently on my 1939 General for about 3 months now.  The restoration is just about complete now with one exception.  I have no air cleaner.  I have spent much time and effort during the past three months attempting to locate a replacement air cleaner, but have not had any success.  Zimmerman doesn't seem to be able to help.  I tried salvage yards all over the country including Dengler (in your neck-o-the-woods), who claims to be the largest in the nation.  My experience has not been good.  I have found that they all operate in the same manner.  They tell cruel lies.  The claim to have the parts in stock.  They quote me a price.  They even take my shipping address and credit card number.  Then I never hear from them again.  They won't answer my calls.  They won't return my messages.  They won't answer my emails.  Dengler is that absolute worst in this respect.

When I received my tractor it was complete except for the Air Cleaner.  I have tried to find an Air Cleaner to fit a General GG, Cletrac HG,  Wards Twin Row, B F Avery "A".  I have even asked for anything close that I might modify, but I have had no luck.

Blake, do you think you can suggest something?

Al Montalbano, (Desperate)
Central Coast, California

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Al Montalbano's 1939 General GG

Al Montalbano's 1939 General GG

Al Montalbano's 1939 General GG

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