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I'm just finishing off restoring an MG1 and a few people suggested sending some pictures to post on your site. I took it to the Canada Remembers airshow in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in August and ended up towing the B17 "Memphis Belle" from the movie.The B17 mechanic figured that was probably the first time two of these units were hooked together in 50 years.

David Pope
Eston, Saskatchewan,

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Here's a picture I just found in an old Airpower magazine. That Convair
Tradewind sure makes the Cletrac MG-1 look tiny. The picture must have been
taken in 1951 or 52.

I attached a few more MG1 period pictures involving planes.
I was amazed at the power of the MG1 when I was towing that B17. You'd never know it was behind you. It's fun to drive empty. If you stomp on the gas pedal at about 5mph the front end rises about 18 inches on the suspension and you're gone.

Here's a unique picture I came across in an old Wings magazine.They have the B36 landing gear jacked up and placed on moving dollies to pull it out of the factory where they were built. They had to pull them out on an angle because the wings were too wide for the doors. The two MG1's would have to move at the same speed or there'd be mayhem.

Here's an excerpt I got in a message from a Canadian museum about the MG1:

Vic Barrett a BCAM member and ex-RCAF Vehicle Technician said that Cletracs were used during the Second World War to pull rollers to pack down the snow on the runways . This was in the era before the high-powered snow blowers.

Here's a couple of pictures I came across some time ago that you might like. It's a Cletrac T1 self propelled gun. It uses the same tracks and drive train as the MG1 but it drives from the other end. It's quite interesting. Have you heard of this machine before?

I found that site on the T1. The following URL is for the site I got it from and I've attached the part that refers to the Cletrac. If you look close, it's a MG1 with the track modified and it goes the other way with the idler on the ground. It uses the whole MG1 driveline. They must have flipped the ring gear somehow. The motor is under the gun barrel and you ran it from just behind the radiator.It probably used a lower profile radiator. The gas tanks are on top of the fenders.It doesn't look like there was any transverse mechanism on the gun or elevation either. You must have just pointed the whole machine. I wonder if there are any of these left?
David Pope

Here's a picture that was taken at a naval base in Alaska in 1961. There's a Cletrac up against the hangar. I wouldn't have thought they'd still be using them by then, but I guess---.

Here's a couple more pictures of an MG1 with the Enola Gay on Tinian Island.

I might have sent the one uploading the A-bomb before but I didn't know that it was the Enola Gay.

MG-1 Military Training School

MG-1 Military Training School

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