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I bought the AG-6 from an elderly fellow in Brookfield, Vermont who used it to clear his building lot some 20 plus years ago. Since then he had used it a few times a year to draw out his fire wood. He told me that he got it from a gravel pit owner in Syracuse, NY area. The serial number plate has been knocked off the fire wall , so I don't know what year it is. It has "Cletrac" cast in the radiator tank, and the exhaust manifold, and it appears to have been yellow all of it's life. The motor is tired, and in need of a rebuild. Once completed, it will come in handy around here for our small timber, and maple sugaring business's. We are presently using a 1954 OC-3-42 with Anderson blade to gather our maple sap. It has been a life saver in this unusually deep snow we have had this year. Between my father, and I, we also own a 1952 OC-3-68 (my Grandfather's), a 1953 OC-6-68, a 1951 HG-42, and a 1941 GG General. All are in various states of disrepair, except for the General , which is restored. I would like to send you some more pictures of these, once I find the time, and get my camera back from my Dad. The AG is the only one I have on file right now.

Thank you for a wonderful web site, that I am sure to be spending much time on, now that I've found it.

Thank You, Eric Severance, Manchester, VT.

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Eric's OC-3

Eric's AG-6

Eric's AG-6

Eric's 1941 General GG

This is a 1964 OC-4 with the Alfta Track option for logging. It also has a Carco hydraulic winch on the back. The dozer blade is well suited for pushing around and piling logs. We are in hopes of at least getting it cleaned up, and running for some light use on our timberland, and to get it out to some shows.

Here is some pictures showing the Cletrac, and Oliver crawlers that were at Dan Moore's Fall Roundup September 21, 22, 2002.

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