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Hi Blake
Enclosing pictures of my Cletrac W found under a tree up in the north of Sweden. This is a very rare tractor here in Sweden so I´m very proud of it. Trying to get hold of as much info as possible of this little tractor but no one answers my questions on the forum, that’s sad.

Do you know if the water air filter was used on the early or the later model W? I read in the Old Tractor magazine that it was the later model W but on the internet I have read the opposite.

Keep up the good work with the site!

Erik Stenvall/Sweden

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Erik Stenvall's D in Sweden

Erik Stenvall's D in Sweden

Here are two photos of the museum HG. Let me know if there are any other
photos you want of it. It's position in the museum made it hard to get a
decent photo of it.

The museum is only 1 km from where I live and is stuffed
with old logging machines of all kind.

Erik Stenvall's W in Sweden

Erik Stenvall's W in Sweden

Erik Stenvall's W in Sweden

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