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Hi Blake,

I finally got around to scanning the Cletrac photo album I have. This is the one that was on eBay a couple years ago described as a leather bound book. Feel free to use these scans however you want to on the site.

Mike Stockard

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A complete modernly equipped factory comprising 7 acres of floor space.

The new super-powered Cletrac "100". (Note this tractor is equipped with a steering wheel).

Cletrac "30" equipped with standard two-man seat.

Model "30" equipped with canopy and two-man seat.

The Cletrac "30" equipped with cab, lights and ice shoes.

A view of the Cletrac "20" showing the location of the power take-off and pulley.

Cletrac Model "W", 12-20 h. p.

This is the Cletrac "20" hooked up to the Superior Road Drag.

The Cletrac "20" doing a real job of grading.

Building new roads with the Cletrac "30" down in Arkansas.

Two of the 60 Cletrac "20's" owned by the South Carolina State Highway Department.

Model "20" operating Adams Road Maintainer.

Cletrac "20" and Euclid Scraper - a one-man dirt moving outfit - in real estate development work.

Two and a half yards of dirt are moved each trip with this Cletrac and wheel scraper combination.

Model "30's" handling 2-1/4 yard Euclid Trailers - a one man outfit.

The Cletrac "30" handling one-yard Euclid Scrapers.

Note the ease at which these three scrapers are loaded from the seat of the tractor.

One-man maintainer - Russell Motor Patrol, powered by the Cletrac "20".

The United States Forestry Department taking delivery of five Cletrac "20's".

Cletrac "20" equipped with Hussey Bulldozer, used by H. & L. Trucking Company, Jersey City, N. J.

Cletrac "20" with Baker Backfiller attachment.

Model "30" pulling a load of Green Beach logs, scaling 960 feet.

The wide use of Cletracs is signified by this scene, which is around Hughes, Alaska.

Snow removal unit - Cletrac "30" equipped with "V"-type steel plow.

There's action aplenty when Cletracs get on the job in snow removal.

Model "20" bulldozing iron ore down in the hole of a big ore boat.

An illustration of what Cletrac means for work in and around industrial plants.

Cletrac "30" used for handling 84-inch concrete pipe, by Lock Joint Pipe Company.

The Cletrac "20" pulling a three-botton 14-inch plow.

The Cletrac is just as efficient on hillside work as on level ground.

Rice harvesting in Arkansas. Here's where Cletrac traction shows to advantage.

Muck land farming with Cletrac.

Cletracs take a prominent role in the pulling of combines.

Various track shoe assemblies.

An interior view of the Cletrac transmission case showing the controlled differential steering.

Sectional views of the Cletrac lower track wheels.

Cover of book.

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