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Good morning Blake,
This is what I know about the Model E. Hercules gas engine serial # 240622 model OOC. 80” wide with 17” dirt plates which should make it a 62” gauge. It has been laying in the woods for about 20 years. Looks to be complete. Hand crank and magneto. I’m going down later this week to look for the #’s on the firewall, I will let you know what I find out.
Would Zimmerman’s  be the best place to get manuals for this?
What do you mean by wide grouser?
See attachments for more photos.

I have tried to locate the crawler’s serial # plate on the firewall but it is missing. Any other way of telling what year it is? Since it is a gas engine would that make it an EG? It is a 62” gauge. Should I buy the manuals for the E or the EG? Will the manuals cover the Hercules engine or should I buy a separate manual for the engine?
I located more engine # on block, under valve springs, see attachment. The magneto is made by united American bosch corp. out of Springfield, Mass. I started to dismantle radiator, hood and gas tank for cleaning and loaded the cylinders with diese/kero/atf mix to try to free them up.

Good Morning Blake,
On your website I went to parts source then clicked on jensales Inc for manuals. They have manuals under farm tractor Oliver for;
Also in you spec. and tech section on your website you have list EG,EHG,ED.
I want to make sure I get the right manual for this machine.
I did not locate an oil gun for the tracks. What will I need to lube the tracks? Can I use a standard grease gun or is the fitting too small.
The trans may have water in it via the leather on the shifter and may be frozen because the shifter will not move. I will see when I drain it and open it up.
Another question I had was about the Hercules ooc engine, see attachment, what was the hole in the block to the lower left of the magneto used for? It’s about the size of an exhaust pipe flange with two bolt holes.
Thanks for all your help, Kirk

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Kirk Witte's E-62 with 17" wide track pads

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