Cletrac & Oliver Manuals & Literature

Now you can download Manuals and other Literature related to Cletrac and Oliver tractors. Selection will grow with time. Ask how you can contribute.
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Early Lettered Series
Cletrac 20K Cletrac K20 (20K) (573 B-K Cols 1-30) (pdf)
Early Numbered Series
Cletrac 30B Cletrac 30B (574 B-K Cols 1-30) (pdf)
Cletrac 40 Cletrac 40 (575 B-K Cols 1-30) (pdf)
Cletrac 80-60 Cletrac 80-60 (576 B-K Cols 1-30) (pdf)
Cletrac 100 Cletrac 100 (577 B-K Cols. 1-30) (pdf and jpeg)
Lettered Series
Cletrac A Cletrac Model "A" (2000-9-45-25M) - 29 pgs (pdf)
Oliver A Oliver Model "A" (A-1034 15M-3-54) - 2 pgs (pdf)
OLIVER DD Oliver Model "D" (A-1012B) - 4 pgs (pdf)
Cletrac General GG Cletrac General Model GG (873-4-39) - front (jpeg)
Cletrac General Model GG (873-4-39) - back (jpeg)
OC Series
OC-3 Oliver OC-3 (A-1009-B) - 4 pgs (pdf)
Oliver OC-4 Oliver OC-4 (A-10B-6-63) - 12 pgs (jpeg)
Oliver OC-6 Oliver OC-6 (1-57) - 12 pgs (jpeg)
Oliver OC-18 Oliver OC-18 (A-1044 30M-1255) - 18 pgs (pdf)


Early Lettered Series
Early Numbered Series
Cletrac 20C Operators Instruction Book for Cletrac "20C" - 27 pgs - 1934
"20C" Lubrication Schedule with Illustrations
Lettered Series
OC Series
Military Tractors


Bosch Fuel Pumps American Bosch Fuel Injection Pump Service Parts List (pdf)
JX series engines Operation & Maintenance Manual for JX series engines (pdf) - this link leaves our site
Roosa-Master 431 Roosa-Master Fuel Injection Pump GB-CC-L-431 (pdf)
Assembly & Disassembly Instructions
For a better picture of page 16, click here
Roosa-Master 631 Roosa-Master Fuel Injection Pump GB-CC-L-631 (pdf)
Assembly & Disassembly Instructions
For a better picture of page 16, click here



795 QD Cultivator Oliver No. 795 QD Cultivator for HG-68 tractor (pdf)
Setting Up Instructions
IMP Imp Loader for the OC-3 (pdf)
Ware 3F Loader Ware Model 3F Loader (81-20M-9-52) (pdf)



Oliver Model X-12 Crawler Tentative Speicifications (pdf)
Designed to replace the OC-12, this model had power shift and counter-rotating tracks. Though a few expreimental models were built, it was never put into production.

X-12 comparison Oliver Model X-12 Comparison with OC-12 and Competition (pdf)
OC-3 and OC-4 loader OC-3 & OC-4 Loader Comparison with Competition (pdf)
OC-3 and OC-4-42 vs competition OC-3 and OC4-42 Comparison with Competition (pdf)
OC-6 Dozer Spec OC-6 Dozer Specifications vs Competition (pdf)
OC-9 vs competition OC-9 Diesel Tractor Comparison with Competiton (pdf)
OC-9 Competitive Power OC-9 Competitiive Power Class Comparison (pdf)
OC-96 vs competition OC-96 Diesel Loader Comparison with Competition (pdf)
OC-12 Loader vs competition OC-12 Loader Comparison with Competition (pdf)
OC-12 vs Terratrac 600 OC-12 Comparison with Terratrac "600" (pdf)







Spray-O-Matic Oliver Spray-O-Matic (pdf)





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