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Hi, We have in our collection at least two Cletrac crawlers, one H and one W. But we have also two similar crawlers which might interest you fellow Cletrac enthusiasts. This crawlers was based on the Cletrac H, imported in 1919 and copied into the LIMO (Lindholmen-Motala) tractors and such released in l921. Basically it looks very similar although the LIMO is steered by a fork instead of the characteristic Cletrac steering wheel. The fork steering is thus indicating the fact that Limo has received a different steering gear which of course is described as an important improvement against the Cletrac. It is powered by the same Weidely engine but carries a different serial no with six digits after the same letter prefix letter "M". Today we know of about 8 LIMO crawlers remaining, which is quite a lot as probably less than a hundred was made. The production figures is not known but the earliest recorded tractor is #27 with engine #M130026. The highest tractor #91 with engine #130087.

The LIMO project is generally regarded as a failure of its time and there seems to have been unsold engines from the 1921 production in stock as late as 1928.

Enclosed is a photo of a well preserved Limo, one of the two belonging to Rubens Maskinhistoriska Samlingar, Sweden.

Although it is not straight Cletrac history, we hope this related information will meet your interest and gladly look into your comments

yours Tore Blom

Rubens Maskinhistoriska Samlingar
533 91 Götene
tel/fax (+46) 0511-50535

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LIMO crawler

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